When Vince Izzo arrived in Calgary from Pietramelara, Italy, in 1968, a good espresso was difficult to find here. At the time, there were only a handful of commercial espresso machines in a few restaurants around town and most home brewers were using small, stove-top models. The coffee itself came pre-ground in tins from Italy, with names like Medaglia D’Oro and Lavazza.

Vince saw a caffeine-deprived opportunity, and in 1974, started a business importing Italian espresso machines. He worked tirelessly with experienced coffee importers developing his own proprietary blend of beans, labelling them with his Cappuccino King brand. Since then, Cappuccino King has been on a quest to convert Canadians to proper Italian espresso, one crema-topped demitasse at a time.

Today, Peter Izzo continues to provide customers with the highest quality and value of service and sales while remaining true to the amazing level of service that connoisseurs have grown to expect from the Cappuccino King.

Check us out and see why Cappuccino King has grown to be Calgary’s ultimate destination for the latest in all things coffee.